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Coil Chem is a small business with 38 total employees. We maintain: 

  • An extensive onsite laboratory that allows for product testing for QAQC purposes, continuous product advancements, and customer support.

  • A staff of inventory managers, logistics managers, electric engineers, automation specialists that provide 24 hour support and maintenance for all operational components and manufacturing equipment.

  • Welders, mechanics, and a fleet of company owned trucks and trailers including dry van, flat bed, tankers, and ISO tanks. This enables us to be self-sufficient and not dependent upon 3rd parties for our operational success.

  • A 120,000 sq ft. corporate facility for blending and packaging with direct rail access.

  • A 200,000 sq ft. warehouse for the manufacturing and service of all equipment. This facility maintains critical component inventory required to service Coil Chem equipment including replacement parts for pumps, electrical motors, electronics, VFDs, and other high wear items.

Coil Chem has spent the last 11 years developing high capacity blending  and chemical manufacturing equipment that incorporates computer controlled systems to improve operational efficiencies and reduce performance variations.  Our owners have a combined 40 years of chemical, manufacturing, and managerial experience that has contributed to the overall success of the company.  We're is well known across several industries for being innovative with its chemical application and mechanical technologies. Our research scientists and lab facility offer the ability to test many types of chemicals and applications quickly and efficiently.  With over 20 national and international patents for chemical manufacturing equipment and chemical design, these skill sets combined with vast operational and mechanical experience give Coil Chem a unique competitive advantage over traditional chemical manufacturing companies.

Meet Our Chemical Engineer

Dr. Sangjoon Kim

VP of Manufacturing, R&D Director

Dr. Sangjoon Kim holds a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Toledo, Toledo, OH. His targeted research spans multiple disciplines ranging from Polymer composites, organic products and fertilizers, as well as waste tire plastic components for which Dr. Kim is a patent holder. Dr. Sangjoon Kim’s dissertation on “The development and characterization of double layer hydrogel for agricultural and horticultural applications” was reviewed well within industry experts. Dr. Kim played a key role in the development of Polyurethane Hydrogel Composites with stable mechanical properties, and controllable dehydration rates. Dr. Sangjoon Kim is noted for multiple journal publications including but not limited to, International Journal of Polymer Analysis Characterization, polymer (Korea), Polymer Engineering and Science and was reviewed by Advances in Polymer Technology. Dr. Sangjoon Kim utilizes his extensive knowledge base as Plant Manager, ensuring optimum Chemical Manufacturing Process Control to CoilChem L.L.C. 's Polymer manufacturing process.


605 N Tulsa Ave
Building 1

Oklahoma City, OK 73107

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