Bottling and Filling

Coil Chem's 120,000 square foot facility partnered with its blending technology makes it one of  the most efficient and robust high capacity blenders in the USA.  Whether you need Blending or Transloading from Rail to Trucks, Coil Chem has the solution.  With direct rail access, 20 rail car storage, 15 truck docks, and 5 fill lines, the process from blending to label design and packaging is efficient and cost effective.  Coil Chem's blending process allows for blending of many materials, including hand sanitizers and disinfectants, at a rate of 300 gallons per minute.  This process, along with the ability to fill from 5 fill lines, makes it a great fit for any high volume blending and filling needs.  

From Custom Blending to Co-packing

We have the right solution for your needs whether it be high volume blending or filling and packaging of your material we can help.