CC-2000 Foamer

  • Foamer
  • Excellent detergent that exhibits pronounced mildness in combination with anionic surfactants and soaps
  • Does not precipitate from solution at an isoelectric pH value and is equally soluble in soft water, hard water, brine, and concentrated electrolyte solutions. Clear solutions with excellent foaming and wetting characteristics can be obtained
  • Outstanding performance in high concentrations of mineral acids suggest its use as a wetting agent, and as a detergent in acid cleaners with scale and lime soap dispersing properties
  • Surface-active agent used to create stable foams in saline aqueous produced or injected water. It specifically targets air/water interfaces and creates stable foams at elevated temperatures and pressures. By doing so, CC-2000 provides functionality such as unloading water from low-pressure gas wells and diversion of enhanced oil recovery fluids


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