FR-1302 Pipe on Pipe

  • Completion Beads
  • Specially designed to be spotted in the wellbore radius at the beginning of completion operations. These beads strategically attach to the interior of the casing providing continued lubrication for pipe movement when pipe friction reducers are not being pumped
  • Resistance to deformation up to 25,000 psi hydrostatic
  • Breaks capillary action, lowers risk for differential sticking in drilling operations, and is compatible with all drilling fluids
  • Manufactured from completely spherical divinylbenzene copolymer beads. These beads do not contain any glass or styrene material
  • Designed to work at bottom hole temperatures (BHT) in excess of 400*F
  • Withstands chlorides in fully saturated conditions (180,000 PPM +)
  • This liquid concentrate provides improved mix dispersion with limited agitation


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