NDA-50 Non Damaging Acid

  • Non Damaging Acid
  • NDA-50 is a safe effective alternative to the use of hydrochloric acid for oil and gas field operations
  • Non corrosive to ferrous iron and high grades of stainless steel. This vastly reduces the handling costs associated with HCL
  • Standard product in neat form is equivalent to 22% HLC. This can be diluted by one third to yield a 15% HCL equivalent
  • Has been proven extremely effective for the stimulation of mature wells, especially when the integrity of the casing/ tubing is in question. It vastly reduces work over costs due to the fact that tubing does not have to be pulled, pumps and BHA’s can be left in place
  • Can be used as a standard scale inhibitor for production and continuous treatment applications. Its powerful surfactants also have the ability to dissolve and disperse organic biofilms thus preventing underlying corrosion and totally eliminating scale build up
  • Non-hazardous/ not DOT regulated therefore, reducing freight costs
  • Designed also to specifically dissolve iron oxides (rust) without effecting the underlying substrates. This is an excellent choice for coil tubing pickling operations


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